Golden rule of Email Marketing to succeed in 2021

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Email Marketing can provide the best ROI. From reaching out to your prospects to converting them into long term customers, it can do wonders for you.

Before we discuss Email Marketing let me be personal and ask your first email ID. I can see a smile flashing on your face. You suddenly went into flashback, quickly recalled how as a novice you tried to create your first email ID and proudly shared with your friends.

In the initial days it was nothing less than a business card for you. It appeared so personal to you. You started creating multiple folders along with your inbox and saved your important files as per your priority. But time changed and one mail conversation transformed into Email blasts.

To match the competitive age of twenty first century marketers started chalking out their specific Email Marketing Strategy based on their exclusive user behavior research.

How Email was born

The innovation of this dynamic communication channel is connected to military technology. Mr Ray Tomlison, an MIT graduate, in the late 1960s was working in a research firm and was responsible for providing technologies related to the ARPANET. It was a military communications network and an earlier version of the Internet. His tasks also included developing ways to transfer files from one user to another connected to a common network.

He succeeded in Oct 1971 to send a file from one computer to another which was almost one meter away. Message sending processes has made a small step then, but it was a giant leap for marketing and communication world. In fact, the ‘@’ symbol was also invented by Mr Tomlison. He started this trend to establish the convention of an email ‘address’. It helped in identifying the recipients, and the network they were using.

Until the World Wide Web was born, the consumers were not so familiar with email. Despite it coming in 1971, it scaled to a new peak only in 1990s when people started familiarizing with the internet.  

If today your inbox is jam packed, it’s only because either you have subscribed several services or companies are targeting you through their Email Marketing campaign.

As mckinsey highlights in one of its published articles: Email helps almost 40 times more than Facebook and Twitter combined to acquire customers. Almost 90% consumers use email daily. If you compare to social media, Emails prompt three times more a consumer to make purchases.

But mindless bombarding of emails result in spam. Email marketing game can only be own through smart planning and customized emailing.

Email Marketing Not So Relevant Now??

To some extent, marketers presume that customer attention is shifting from emails to other social networks, instant messaging, and mobile messaging apps are catching more eye balls. In the era of growing podcasts and booming video marketing strategy, some marketers might say that the age of Email Marketing is past its prime. There is no need to focus on it. Start creating videos and focus more on advanced and latest tools.

But wait! You might be going too fast in adopting latest tools and trends in your marketing campaigns.

To develop relationship with prospects and convert them into customers, Email Marketing has been offering best ROI and will continue to do so until people stop scrolling through their emails in the near future. When the issue of converting a one-time customer into a permanent one, nothing can beat what Email Marketing can achieve for you.  

Emails are the most effective option available to communicate with customers. Emails with customized landing pages improve conversion rate considerably.

An Email is nothing but the first click in a consumer’s decision journey.

Take every email as an opportunity to know more about customers. With a definite goal set for each campaign, the captured data can be a wonderful learning material for other professionals who wants to learn  and create a successful Email Marketing strategy.

In this cut-throat competitive age, it is very difficult to stand out but still you can try to be relevant and that could be your main strength.

Become Personal

If you want your emails to build a strong connection with your subscribers, you have to be personal. Users click-through, browsing history, and purchase history are some of the basic elements to consider. This helps in creating varieties of emails sent daily to different subscribers. Of course this is not an easy task and it requires specific capabilities.

Although email marketing requires a lot of effort but it’s worth it. It gives huge return. This is the best medium to connect with your potential subscribers, customers and clients.   One who has never tried this method might claim that this type of marketing is not working but trust me don’t listen to those who says that Email marketing is dead. In fact it’s growing and will grow further in future.

A large no of people prefer to check their email first things in  the morning. Other social channels may come and go but your email remains your favourite way of connecting and consuming information.

SEO updates, tactics and strategies powerhouse Backlinko drives over 1.2 million visitors per month. Haven’t you seen Brian Dean asking your email ID for offering getting proven SEO and traffic tips. This shows that he is earning a lot revenues through his email susbscribers.

Email also helps in contacting subscribers and offering them new products depending on the search history or their record of visits at other sights. There is a difference between email marketing and spamming. If you just buy email database and start sending emails to promote sale and for lead generation or conversion, then it comes under spam category.

But What is the Proof?

Until the benefits of Email Marketing is backed by relevant data it’s tough to accept that it has the impact which is influencing the marketing strategies.

Look at the preference of Digital Marketers in a research based report published in 2018. Even a quick glance gives you ample proof that Email Marketing scores much better than other social media marketing tools such as SEO, affiliate marketing etc.

If Email marketing is successful it’s only because of higher reliability of users on this medium than the other options available to them. In fact it’s one of the best decisions taken by marketers to start Email Marketing.

Data says it all

Statista in one of its report claimed that the email usage in India is expected to grow by 2-3% frbetween 2018-2023. The Manifest in one of its study found that 43% of businesses are expected to increase their Email Marketing budget in 2019.

According to Radicati over half of the world population is using Emails. Their data shows that 3.9 billion population uses email wheres 3.5 billion uses social media.

Based on the study shared by Statista, 82% employees open their emails out of normal business hours. And one-third of employees open their business emails at least once per hour.  and of emails are opened

 Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 B2B Content Marketing Research discloses the fact that nearly 90% of marketers use this strategy.

As per a study if one dollar is spent on email marketing, over 40 times return can be expected from that expenditure. That is the power of email marketing.

Important takeaways from these facts

  • Currently more emails are sent than what it was before
  • Mobile phones are a preferred device to open Emails and present users are more connected than before
  • More interacting and engaging content helps in generating better results but still majority of the users are failing to achieve the desired result

Learning from it, focus on creating relevant content that helps to stand out from the rest of the competitors. Keep mobile-friendly campaigns as your top priority. Keep evaluating your strategies to achieve maximum result from your campaigns.

Once you understand it well, the chances to succeed with each campaign will continue to enhance.

Get ready with your next campaigns, engage with your prospects, and nurture your leads. And while doing so, keep some basic factors in mind which will help you customize your campaign well.

Important factors

Segmentation: Ensure to club your email list into similar groups. You can do its depending upon demographics, activity, purchase record etc. The more rationally you do it the better result you can expect. Put this into practice to achieve focused and targeted messages.   

Customization: Master the art of drafting each email unique and appealing. Sending similar emails to several recipients doesn’t mean, they can’t be personalized. Make each Email look targeted towards certain individual. Achieve personalization with dynamic content that catches the attention of readers.

A/B testing:  Never miss to assess your campaigns. Always check what’s working and what’s not. Modify the subject line, change the intro, add customized CTA buttons, let story telling in your copy grab the attention of your prospects. Doing this optimizes your Email Marketing plans. This eventually helps you achieve your overall goal.

Say no to Spamming

When you send an email it’s very important that how many of those emails are going to the primary inbox. And how many of them are being opened.

Email is infact permission based marketing. And it helps in converting your strangers into acquaintances and then to your friends and subscribers and customers. Never start sending Emails if haven’t asked for permission.

The most common benefits derived from email marketing is, it helps you remain in touch with your audience. It supports you to reach them in real time. It’s measurable and affordable. Helps in improving brand awareness and the best thing is everyone uses emails to contact and communicate.

Use it effectively to achieve what you want on your digital drive.

You must have seen People Ask Boxes with variety of email marketing questions. Check it to know what other things people want to know about email marketing. And if you are interested in knowing what is People Ask Boxes, read a comprehensive blog written on it.

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