How to create Persuasive About Us Pages

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About Us page helps in conversions. Report says a visitor who likes your About Us page is ready to become your user, subscriber and customer.

What is an ‘About Us’ page for you? One of the most important pages on a website, or one of the most overlooked and ignored pages. About Us, Contact Us and FAQs, there are few pages on any website that really decides how much potential a website or a blog has to pull visitors. When you write the About Us page, you tell the world who you are and what you do. In fact, this page has the potential to tell 5W and 1H of your overall goal and identity.

People are desperate to learn how to write About Us page. And this search result is its glaring example.

To craft the best About Us pages, people are also searching best About Us lines. This shows the importance of this page.

Searchers don’t stop here, they are also desperate to know what could be the best templates to create About Us pages.

Writing ‘About Us’ seems to be an easier task. But it is easier said than done. If you succeed in writing in a compelling way to express your identity to the world, it means you have created a persuasive and impactful About Us page. And you have won half of the battle.  Take for example Amnesty Internaltional.

A bright picture and a hammering quote! With some simple facts and stunning facts, the brand appeals a lot.

Make it Persuasive

But quite often you tend to feel like focusing on designing the About Us page whenever the issue of making it persuasive arises. But don’t let the design of your website be your entire identity. Avoid doing this mistake. Wonderful color combinations and perfect layout with some awesome pattern might force you to feel elated to see your website. But this blunder will force you to pay in the long run. In fact, the compelling content you put in your website is real oxygen that can inject life into your website. The real journey of creating persuasive content on your website starts with your “About Us” page. 

Take another example. Let’s check a household brand name that is helping us connect inside a city and across cities as well. Yes I am talking about Uber.

…Seting the world in motion. Nothing can be the best way to express, what Uber does across the world.

Craft Well

About Us page is more than designing. It is more than just writing some plain content. Does it sound easy for you? You said: “Easy!” Right? Sorry, you are still not ready to understand how much challenging it is to craft this page in a way that becomes exemplary. To make your page stand out, first you need to understand how much keenly it’s analysed and searched. To know that, see again the search results I have shared above.

Let’s first see important elements of About Us pages. This will help you understand how to write About Us page, what are the best About Us templates and what are the impressive About Us lines.

Convey Stories

If you have a great story to share with the world about your product, brand or blog journey, share it on your About Us page. People connect more easily with the stories and that remains with them for long. If you succeed in creating a wonderful story there, believe me, you won’t struggle to reiterate about your brand identity. Your stories might work like sticky notes. It will impress visitors and then they will pass it to others.

With impressive pictures, graphics and videos you can give innovative touch to your story. Break your story into minute details. Hem it with all the characters who played an inevitable role to build this brand. Connect it with people who will get immense benefit from your product or service. Express more with less words. Always remember people are not at your About Us page to understand your English knowledge. Neither they are there to feel impressed. They want to quickly know what is there for them.

There are a lot to learn from FCBUlka A perfect blend of content and images.

Your story must take all the important elements like setting the agenda, discussing the problem and offering long term permanent solution which looks like a win-win game. Take your reader to a stage where he/she can see his long problem solved forever.

Say no to Formal Approach

Don’t let your About Us page to look like mechanical piece. It must not appear as it has been put into a template. Make it more human. Try to connect it to masses. Industry Jargons will not help you to create a better About Us page. Use real images and speak in detail. Do not use file photos taken from online platforms.   

Easy to Skim

Call it About Us or About Me or Who We Are, this page must look confident and creative. But it should also appear easy to skim through. Understanding your brand proposition, knowing your journey and to visualize the future where you want your audience to take should be clearly highlighted. Take the case of Neil Patel’s About Us page and make a quick look at his website. Without any hassle you can understand what he is capable of and what he has been offering to his clients, customers and subscribers.

Neil Patel talks straight and quickly one can understands what he is capable of offering. By adding his picture here, he creates a connect with visitors.

Be straight forward

Your straight talk might help people to know which product or service you provide to them. If they fail to understand it, how can they subscribe your offerings. Skipping industry lingos, just stick to simple but sophisticated language. Effective communication requires you to talk straight about your products.

Be innovative

The best way to create anything extraordinary is to create something new. Break the stereotype and set an example. You can be a bit quirky as well. Take for example Moz. As a blogger you might have checked this website to understand SEO well. On its About page, the brand quite smartly and in a lighter way talks about what they do and offer. Taking it a bit ahead, they have also highlighted their journey and achievements. Talking about founders and funding, company creates a connect with the subscribers.

Apart from the important elements of About Us pages, you must have liked some stunning examples as well which we shared here. While creating About Us page, several brands have touched a new height. Let me take you through more examples.

A neatly presented About Us page, Lonely Planet has done it at its best.

Digital Marketers must be too close to Mailchimp. The brand is known across the world for offering some hassle free, easy to use automotaion technique. Its email Marketing impresses many marketers. But the real beauty lies at its About Us page. Just have a quick look here.

You must not miss what Oglivy has created on its About Us page. A stunning video will take you through a wonderful story explaining what the brand is capable of and what it has been doing since inception.

About Us page also helps in driving conversions and if you aim that, you should avoid following some fixed templates for your About Us page. “… the best merchandise at the best price?”, “…get your money’s worth?”, “…what we can do for you.” are some of the age old tactics which are suggested in the fixed templates. Users, subscribers and customers avoid such tempting lines. Such tactics fail to work in most of the cases. The aim behind opting such writing style is right but approach is wrong. Let your customers know what you can do for them but avoid doing it too direct. It looks like hard selling.

Instead of giving you any fixed About Us template, I would advise you to look at the minutest details of the best About Us pages I have shared here. Take inspiration from these pages and craft one for yourself. Trust me, if you do it honestly, you will bring out the best one. 🙂

Before concluding, let me repeat those important points which we read in this blog so that you don’t forget some of the important elements required to create your desired page.

Keep your company/brand/blog logo at the top with a catchy headline. Start with a short and crisp introduction, and sum up without using any jargons. Explaining your mission, vision, overall objective, struggle narrate a wonderful and catchy emotional story. Connect it with testimonials. Create a wonderful video of the founders. Talk about your company goals and plans indicating where your company is going. Don’t use dummy images. Put a high resolution image of your Office and portray it as if any one can come in if he/she wants.

Hope it helps. Don’t forget to drop your comments. It will help me assess what more you want from us.  

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