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Before you publish a blog post, make sure to add crisp and compelling Title and Description

Your titles and description specially meta data is not what you should think of ignoring. If you know how to write it smartly it will help you rank higher in search engines. Because of this, your content can be better optimized.

So even if you are writing your title or a description you must keep Search Engine Optimization in mind.

Google and other search engines might not use entirely titles and meta tags of your web pages. They might tweak it depending upon the body text.

Your title should have the keyword to describe what you are offering on that page. If somebody is searching the same keyword, you have more chances to get searched for that keyword.  

The <meta> tag provides information about the HTML document. They are not displayed in the webpages. They are used by browsers and search engines. Some newbies miss this aspect in their blogging journey, in such cases search engines use some starting lines of their blog as description.

Create best possible meta tags with relevant information and keyword which will eventually help search engines to locate your webpages. If you have relevant keyword, search engines and your users both know which topic is explained and talked about on that particular page. If required, you can also put information about the author of that particular page. You can also provde the character encoding information.

If you want to learn more about SEO. Don’t miss to have a quick read of

So now it’s clear to you that Meta tags are part of HTML tags and it helps search engines and website visitors to find your page. To find Meta tags you can reach to page’s code which can be opened by reaching source code Ctrl+U. You can reach there by right click on a particular page. If you do that, multiple option box opens and you find page source at the bottom.

Title Meta and Description meta are filled in WordPress Plug-Ins. “Rank Math”, “All-in-One SEO” and “Yoast” all have  these options. Unlike earlier days when keywords were simply spammed in title and meta description, at present it is used to build a unique title for each page.

These plugins also provide options for Keyword Meta but Google has clarified that its algorithm never take this into consideration.

Important points to keep in mind while writing your title and Meta tags

Put your keyword in the URL only once. Keep it as brief as possible ensuring your keyword is properly represented. The URL length and the placing of keywords are done so smartly that neither the link length looks long nor the keywords stuffing appears spammy.

The homepage and inner-page URL slugs both should be as short as possible. Adding long tail keywords in URL slugs is not advisable. For newbies putting words matching to “clickbait” must be avoided.

Let’s see a good example of URL structure:

A bad example of URL structure:

Meta Tags are part of HTML Tags. To find you can use Ctrl+U

While writing the description, the primary goal should be to increase the click through rate which is popularly written as CTR. Meta description helps indirectly in gaining good ranking. Google has made it very clear that meta description is not a key factor in judging ranking. But this one helps in CTR and so eventually support in attaining better ranking.

You can also find an insightful in-depth analysis of Meta Title and Description for the SEO purposes by Sasha Evdakov founder of

What factors to keep in mind while writing Meta Description

Had you been a professional, you wouldn’t have taken much time to write your meta description. In fact world renowned bloggers like Neil Patel says not to spend more than few minutes for writing your meta description.

While writing Title and Meta description, the only focus should be to make it appealing. Your title that appears in blue color should be 6-7 words. For description 120 to 140 characters are more than enough. In the word press blog Yoast plugin offers an easy option and customized box to write title tag and meta description. Some important elements of description are persuasive, curious and highlighted trigger words.

You can review your page rankings in 5-6 months. Just pick the page which has better ranking and see the keywords which are giving it better ranking. Just insert the best keyword in title and meta description to find the better result.

Keeping adding the summary description of your web page as a tag to the HTML. These limited characters have a lot of weight and ensures your better presence in the online platform which you can learn while blogging for long.

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