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Follow 5C formula: Catchy, creative, compact, customer centric, and Complete in every sense.

Whatever you do on online platforms, without knowing how to create great contents, you can’t survive. You could be an Youtuber, a Podcaster, a Blogger or a Social Media Marketer, if you know how to tell your stories in an emphatic and engaging way, your excellence will help you win over your competitors.

Many a times we have read CONTENT IS KING. Keeping this principle in mind millions of professionals have established themselves. You too need to be obsessed with this if you wish to fulfill your dreams of being an online entrepreneur or an expert


Always remember, even if you create the best content in the market, it’s not you who will judge its impact. It’s effectiveness will be ascertained by your readers.

If they ignore, search engines will surely ignore your content. In the present scenario, you need to push the bar with your content every time. In fact you have to go beyond great content. Create something which inspires, motivates and puts your audience at awe.


The phrase how to create great content and how to create quality content is searched quite frequently and until you offer something valuable, exceptional, it’s not going to leave a lasting impact.

Your effort to grab top position in the SERPs is not going to be easy if you focus only on creating ‘great content’. Few years back only with great contents you would have established your desired ranking in the search engines but now situation has changed a bit.

In the past couple of years Google, has also made it very clear that only quality and exclusive content has any value in its algorithm. Reader centric, user based and customer focused content assists in creating a long lasting connect and offers durable values.

Check the total number of blogs written everyday and judge yourself where does your blog stands in this mammoth list of new blogs.

Worldometer highlights that over 80 lakh blogs are written worldwide everyday and if we consider at least 25% of them are of superior quality, then before expecting anything from your blog post you must know that your blog will be lost somewhere in the ocean of daily blogs.

You need to follow 5C formula of writing to help your blogpost leave an impressive impact. It should be catchy, creative, compact, customer centric, and complete in every sense. Once you pick up a topic of your blog just ensure it should fall into the 5C formula.

To make your blog match 5C formula, you must follow some basic principles, which are:


If you don’t do indepth research, your blog post will be flagged on social media, questioning your accuracy and effort. Try your best to produce accurate Content.

One false information will destroy your image, which will take years to repair. You must be wondering how to check facts and always be doubly sure before sharing any information through your blog post.

Remember to check your data, quotes and any other stats which you gonna share with your readers, Factcheck and Snopes could be of great help in that.

Keep updating your content. An accurate figure at one moment may not remain so for ever. If you have used any stats in your blog, it’s your responsibility to keep it refreshing with the recent results.

In-depth and complete content:

What ever be the topic, if you don’t touch every angle of it, if you don’t analyse every aspect of it and if you fail to give an in-depth picture, you are not going to hold the attention of your readers. In nutshell, always remember search engines and readers both prefer best and comprehensive content.

Your journey from writing a better content to how to creating a great content can only be complete if you reach the stage where complete solution of every issue picked up by you in your blog is explained in detail.

As a blogger you need to answer all the questions a reader has in his mind and you have to touch those questions as well which doesn’t crop up until one goes through your blog.

But comprehensive doesn’t mean writing fluff. To know how long you should write to make a blog comprehensive, first check what established bloggers suggest on this issue. Mr AJ Beltis in one of his articles on Hubspot  advises to write a comprehensive blog in around 2400 words which takes almost 7 minutes to read.

  • It’s naive to think that your content length is gonna help you score over competitors and win you readers.
  • Beating around the bush will never help you. Don’t try to score through your content length.

Create compelling and credible content

Building trust is a long-term goal. Once you write trustworthy content, not only your readers, search engines will also notice you.

If you read thoroughly Google Search Quality Guidelines section 4.1, you will notice that google has repeated over 130 times the concept of E-A-T which is explained as Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.

First you can build your expertise by learning, doing and teaching in any niche. This takes months of dedicated effort, this will help you build your trust amongst your readers and finally this will give you an authoritativeness. Once you reach that stage no one can question the credibility of your content. Even if you are a newbie you can remain committed to creating credible content and once you become consistent, even you won’t realize how quickly and effortlessly you reached a stage where each of your content looks credible.

While moving towards a stage of expertise, you need to demonstrate it as well.

Always focus on creating Y-M-Y-L pages on your blog, the pages which assures readers to boost “Your Money or Your Life

Google’s Search Quality Guidelines, Section 2.3 clearly stresses upon creating contents which either impact future happiness or health or wealth of users.

Captivating Content

You will succeed in creating a captivating content if you know the art of engaging smartly with your audience. Don’t expect your snappy, shallow and superficial looking content help you in the long run.

Even if you have loads of informative things to share, you might fail to engage with your readers. ­

On the other hand your engaging, attractive and appealing content will smoothly sink in readers mind and it will inspire to act on your CTA (Call to Action).

Creating an engaging content is not arduous task. Just follow some basic principles and you will succeed in leaving a lasting impression.

 Divide your content in different sections. This will help readers to skim through your blog post easily and smoothly.  

Use short, simple and bulleted information. Inserting relevant images are also required to give enough breathing space.

Make information obvious

How can you write quality content without working on the information, facts and stats you are going to share with your readers.

Make it well-researched piece. Without genuine efforts you can’t create the content which is worth reading. Dig out authentic portals and websites. Flip through the pages of reliable books. Scan reliable documents posted as e-files. If you do this much and you are honest to offer value to your readers, no one can stop you from creating what you want in your next blog. After hours of hard work, no one wants to be called as an author of scrap piece.

  • Give your readers what they want
  • Help them learn new things
  • Create a headline that will make up their mind to go through your content
  • Give what exactly you are promising. Give them a solution and make it direct

Focused Content

If you are not specific about the purpose of writing your content, you won’t succeed in creating it. Take for example I am writing this blog on how to write great content. The objective is to share the important elements of how to write a quality content. If you have read this much you must have noticed that I am not deviating from my goal of giving all the important elements of a great content.

  • The more focused you are in your content, the more opportunity you will get to win over your readers
  • Even you will have better chances of scoring over your competition
  • Some important elements of a specific content are relevant descriptions, tutorials, FAQs, navigation resources etc
  • If you do your basics right even SERPs will help your content to be seen more and more

Distinctive, original and exclusive

The online world is full of similar contents. Put a keyword in the search box and see in few seconds how many pages with similar keywords are ranking. But once you go through even few of them you can easily recognize that all are unique in their own ways.

Always focus on your strength. Once you prove your audience that you believe in original research work and you don’t believe in copying other’s content, you will gain a large number of readership and they will stay with you.

Create Useful Contents

What purpose does this content serve? If your content answers this perfectly, you have won half of the battle. Each of your blog post should have its own utility. Google always promotes useful contents. The word useful is used most frequently in its mission statement. Another word used more frequently is ‘relevant’.

Always Produce Valuable Stuff

Which kind of value your content provide to your readers? Is it solving the most obvious problem your readers might be asking? Your readers reach you only to find some valuable piece. The most obvious factors which make a content valuable are:

  • Solving specific problem
  • Offering most sought after resources
  • Providing insight
  • Teaching a new skill and technique
  • Always rework on your drawing board so that you stick to offering valuable content.

Even if you have followed all the important points explained above, always remember to maintain a high quality website. Because a quality content without a quality website is a major concern for many bloggers. Your website should be mobile friendly and it should have performed well on SEO parameters.

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