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From intent of searchers to intelligence of search engines, you need to understand several elements if you wish to create an online product with considerable value. Once you succeed in understanding buyer’s persona, half of your battle is already over. Quite often you lose your track just to find the surest way to comprehend the customer’s psyche.

To understand what your targeted customers want, you also start searching the most suitable keywords that will help you reach your goal. Here starts, your fight with keywords research. And to help you in this seemingly unending journey, I bring to you a keyword research encyclopaedia that will take you to your destination.  

Keyword Research: An Expert’s Dane, TO LIFT YOUR ONLINE JOURNEY
Mr Anil Agarwal: The brain behind Bloggers Passion

It is a gold mine of keyword research, picked, polished, and presented to you after years of research. It is authored by Mr Anil Agarwal, a full-time blogger, and an SEO expert with over one and half decades of experience in this domain. He blogs at Bloggers Passion. Every day he shares some life changing tools and tricks, keeps engaging with his audience and is ready to hand hold, if you connect with him for any suggestion and solution.

A value packed keyword research guide

He recently launched an ebook named ‘Keyword Research: A Proven system for generating 1000s of profitable keywords. From ‘introduction’ to ‘Where to go from here’, he has captured everything that you need to understand the keyword research. In the initial chapters only, you will understand what Hummingbird and RankBrain is doing for Google to understand intent of searchers.

 The best thing about this ebook is the author helps you to understand the harm of ranking at #1 for a keyword that does not convert into monetary value. His intentions are just to gift the proven ways of keyword research that can help others to convert their hard work into a sure shot success.

You can know more about this ebook by clicking this link and feel like finishing it one go.

Once you finish the ebook, you can connect with him through social media channels

What are the roles of keywords that has low and moderate search volume? Are they significant to target customers? What is keyword difficulty score and what are the tools to find them. How to understand higher and growing keyword trend. Do we need seed keywords, or they are for beginners only? Once you finish this almost a 100-page eBook, you will have travelled a longer journey in the keyword research.

If you feel like reading this book, click this link. It is a value packed product to help you master keyword research.

Other hidden attractions of this book is to know how he researched and used keywords to optimize his blogging journey. With boxed anecdotes, highlighted important points, you can easily understand what are the major takeaways. Live examples and step-by-step guide to understand the different features of important keyword research tools will make you read this book again and again.

Before spending your precious time on blogging, spend at least one day on this exciting ebook. This will simplify your journey and help you catch more eyeballs.

If you are becoming curious about finishing few chapters of this ebook immediately, don’t worry, just click on the link.

Happy reading!!

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