Personal Branding: A Journey from “Who You Are” to “Thank You for Being Here”

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Quite often people think that brand is a business term. But It’s a myth that has existed since ages. Both are entirely different. Personal brand has been more valuable that the brands created by business houses. Personal branding is the affirmation of who you are and what is your unique selling point, why you are known amongst thousands of people. Personal branding gives you compounding effect.

Branding speaks for you!

Whether you are shaping your career as a business owner, full time employee or a freelancer, your personal branding helps you in shaping up the opportunities which you want to attract. It helps you stand out. Let’s have a look at the important elements of branding process.

The journey of branding starts from creating awareness to building credibility and then having reputation and fame.

To create your personal brand, you need to know your value first. You must find a niche and then a sub niche in which you can build your credibility. The best personal brands in the world are specific about what they offer to the world. Be like a postage stamp. Create a proposition that speaks what you do and for whom.

Be a craftsman who knows to creates his own space

Know Your Value and Spread Awareness

Spread awareness!

The better you understand your value, the easier it would be to create awareness about it. Let your work speak for itself. People should know what you do. Promoting your work creates more opportunities and more branding options for you.

To spread awareness, you must be specific. You must be consistent with the messaging you share with your target customers so that it can be registered for a longer period. You need to constantly talk about what you can offer. You must practice what you preach to spread this awareness.

Continue building trust and credibility with your targeted customer

The awareness will create a big network for you. Your network will become a net worth for you. The more you expand your network; your net worth will increase.

Position Yourself Well

Creating only awareness is not enough. You need to promote yourself well and carve out your unique position. This will help you in building your credibility. If you helped a certain brand to achieve an objective, you must talk about that to have a social proof. If you succeed in building your credibility through such social proof, it helps in building your reputation and getting you fame.

Be unique!

But while building your brand you must know that you can never build your brand by working through other channels like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook etc. These platforms will keep fluctuating in their value proposition. You must create your own platform. The awareness which you create through your website will help you in the long run to gain a compounding effect in building your brand.

Pareto Principle

Even the learnings form Pareto Principle helps you immensely in carving out your personal brand. The Pareto Principle, named after esteemed economist Vilfredo Pareto, specifically says that 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes. This indicates an unequal relationship between inputs and outputs. In case of individuals, the principle can be concluded as 80% of your work-related output could come from only 20% of your time at work. So you must be ready to experiment a lot as you can’t be sure what will eventually deliver result.

To excel you need to know the value of experiment!

Be ready to fail!

Never look for a road map. Continuously test and create your own path. Everything is an experiment. A new project and a new program can be an experiment which requires several trial and error methods. The more you take risk the more fearless you become to attain success. As Peter Thiel says in his book “Zero to One”. Peter Thiel co-founded PayPal and Palantir and was the first outside investor in Facebook.

To move ahead in the race you must be fearless!

He played critical role in partnering and inspiring some of the most renowned tech entrepreneurs across the world which included

  • Elon Musk — who founded SpaceX and co-founded Tesla Motors;
  • Reid Hoffman — who co-founded LinkedIn;
  • Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim — who got together and founded YouTube;
  • Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons — who founded Yelp;
  • David Sacks — who co-founded Yammer.

Some of the important takeaways from Thiel’s “Zero to One” book:

Ø “Every time we create something new, we go from 0 to 1. The act of creation is singular, as is the moment of creation, and the result is something fresh and strange.”

Ø Instead of doing more of what’s already been done, his emphasis is on doing something that’s never been done before

Ø Challenge the status quo, “think differently” and go from “0 to 1” rather than “1 to n”

Ø Rather than wasting your time, efforts, and energy obsessing about the competition, it’s better to focus on dominating all of (or a majority of) a small niche market

Even the Akshay Kumar’s “Padman” movie also teaches you even if you fail don’t get disheartened.

Many big brands started their baby steps keeping small goal in mind. They consistently worked on all the elements of the branding process and now they have recached a stage where many try to emulate them.

Now it’s your turn. Go grab the limelight by becoming a brand.

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