Victory Lies at the Other Side of Fear

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John Rockefeller, the renowned American business magnet once said, “Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people.” Once guided properly, even an average person can accomplish the proverbial ‘impossible’ tasks. As a leader just instill a goal in so called average person and see what magic he and she can bring.

Showcasing similar leadership traits, the Digital Guru, Mr Deepak Kanakaraju is gradually succeeding in transforming a group of individuals into highly motivated bunch of digital marketing learners.

To understand this, let me take you through the entire session of the second class of Digital Marketing Internship Program — DMIP. In the initial few minutes of the class, assignment completion rate, submission, assessment and payment issues were quickly discussed. After knowing the high percentage of assignment completion rate, the virtual class started buzzing with excitement.

The temptation to perform well, get recognized and rewarded were the main reasons behind better performance in the initial phase of this program. Deepak described it as the effect of carrot and stick approach.

Distraction Is More Harmful Than Drugs

A slight distraction forces many to miss a valuable information. “Distraction because of some addiction really can be as bad as drugs and alcohol,” says a report published in India Today . Warning about the side effects of distraction, Deepak advises all to keep mobile on airplane mode throughout the class.

Distraction can be deadly😢

Golden Triangle

While explaining the tools and techniques of Digital Marketing, Deepak frequently imparts some other learning techniques as well. Discussing the importance of Golden Triangle was one of the most valuable elements of the early sessions of the second class.

Through the the principle of Golden Triangle, Deepak stressed on the importance of “the more you teach, the more you learn.”

Mistakes Are Future Benefits

John Robert Wooden, the greatest NCAA basketball head coach of all time who was nicknamed as “Wizard of Westwood”, once said, “If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” 
 Deepak also inspired all the interns to make mistakes while working on the teachings, techniques and tools discussed in the class. He was quite firm that when you make bold choices, you make mistakes and all these things add up to transform you to be the person who you want to become.

Good Conversation Is Critical

After discussing the importance of making mistakes, Deepak led students to understand the importance of conversation. He says, “If you can’t establish a good conversation between one-to-one, you will never succeed in establishing between one-to-many.” From personal relationships to achieving every professional goal, smart and intelligent conversation plays a critical role.

Talking about the power of conversation, Deborah Tannen, writes in Harvard Business Review, “Everything that is said must be said in a certain way — in a certain tone of voice, at a certain rate of speed, and with a certain degree of loudness. Whereas often we consciously consider what to say before speaking, we rarely think about how to say it, unless the situation is obviously loaded…” So, always strive to be a better communicator, to be a good marketer.

Be Authentic To Communicate Better

Quite often social influencers and celebrities fail to create a long-lasting impact. There is a common perception that their social handles are managed by PR agencies and they carry a mask, instead of showing their true selves.

Deepak stressed upon the important role authenticity plays in communicating better. Writing about the significance of authenticity, Forbes magazine highlighted in one of its articles, “It’s no secret that good leaders are also good communicators. And the best leaders have learned that effective communication is as much about authenticity as the words they speak and write.”

People avoid those who carry fake social persona. If you are authentic, some may not like it, but many will accept you in the long run

Be Fearless: Explore, Experience and Excel

What you fail to achieve with your talent, you can accomplish with your experience. Sensitizing interns about the importance of being fearless, Deepak said, “Victory lies at the other side of fear.” Go and explore more.

People with more life experiences are better marketers

Learn a new language, try public speaking, go for a solo trip, try dancing even if you don’t know how to dance and experience an adventure sport. Being fearless has many advantages and this teaching left a lasting impression on the students.

Find Out Your Target Audience

To give your business a solid foundation you must first learn to identify your customer. You can tailor your marketing pitch successfully only when you can identify your audience. To find the right customer, Deepak suggested the standard principle of using Demographic and Pshychographic analysis.

While establishing conversation with your target customer interact with him/her on 1:1 basis. Your customer is alone with his device and so it’s easy to establish a mental conversation with him.

Once you communicate with your customer, establish systematic connection. When you write to him, you must know how to move from: Headline->First Sentence->Second Sentence->Third Sentence and so on…

Prefer to address your customers by their first names as it helps them feel like communicating with a friend or a family member. And to do this you need to focus on your customer and communication strategy you have chalked out. If you let your focus deviate from your goal and move towards the border, you simply dilute the overall purpose.

A short session with Sagar Bhalerao was very interesting which was part of understanding your Customer Avatar (Buyer Persona). With a quick survey Deepak explained in detail how to find your Customer Avatar without which targeting a customer is not possible.

Customer Avatar

To find your customer avatar, you need your customer’s Demographic Psychographic information. Demographic details include gender, age, income, marital status of your buyer whereas Psychographic information would be your buyer’s habits, hobbies, spending habits and values.

I created a Customer Avatar of my niche Electric Vehicles. Though I discussed with more than ten friends and colleagues to gather all the valuable information, but I present here only one sample for your perusal.

Ø Aadil Moorthy (Name Changed) is a 35-year unmarried male working in HSBC from the last 10 years. Presently he earns around Rupees 15 lakh per annum

Ø Moorthy was born and brought up in Chennai and now he has settled in Kolkata

Ø A diploma holder, he considers himself an average student. He uses an i-Phone and has a Windows laptop

Ø A cricket enthusiast, his all-time favourite movie is DDLJ. Being an introvert, he spends most of his leisure time listening to music, cooking and travelling to new places

Ø He doesn’t have a car, but he wants to own an Eelectric Car. He doesn’t know much about EVs. He can’t decide which one is a better Electric Vehicle for him and which automobile company will offer him the best price with all the latest features

Ø He wants to own an electric vehicle, as it is environment friendly

Ø According to him less awareness among customers, inadequate infrastructure, lack of charging stations and costly lithium ion batteries are major challenges in India’s Electric Vehicle drive

Ø He lacks proper information about EVs, but he is confident that one day India will have a big EV market

Ø Belonging to a digital age customer, he is a cool guy. He neither fears nor repents about anything

Ø He is sure that his biggest accomplishment is yet to come and will come soon

First you need to find your niche and then you should concentrate on creating your Customer Avatar.

Keeping All Engaged

The constant reference of leading copywriters, management gurus, top trending books and other anecdotes kept all the attendees of the second class highly motivated and engaged.

Many of you might feel awkward when you write assignments and try something new tutored by Digital Deepak in his classes. But sometimes an “Awkwardness is an indicator of learning,” says Deepak. So, continue to learn, relearn, unlearn and reskill yourself. This will help you generate new beliefs and ways of thinking in your abilities.

The third class is scheduled on 9.00pm, 2nd January, 2020 and interns are excited to join another riveting session of Digital Marketing Internship Program.

The classes will continue to be exciting and full of challenges. Remain committed to give your best.

Stay tuned folks!!

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