Digital Marketing is More about Marketing than Digital

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Every day you toil hard to find a quick access to master the art of Digital Marketing. From Whatsapp messages to Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram posts, every update on these handles inspires and excites you to create something unique and share with all. But you fail to do so. You start cursing your inefficiency to understand Digital Marketing. And then starts a relentless search. A desperate attempt to find a mentor or somebody who can handhold and help you fulfil your aspirations.

Present Digital Marketing world is flooded with experts. Almost every day a new expert’s name pops up as a sponsored post on your page and you feel tempted to start following him or her. It happens everyday with thousands of aspirants. It feels like a cat and mouse game. But if you dig deeper and are closer to the developments of the digital marketing in India, you must be following the Neil Patel of Indian Digital Marketing landscape. He is a household name in this domain. More than that his approach towards teaching and mentoring feels like interacting to a next-door neighbor. He is nicknamed as ‘DigitalDeepak’.

Officially known as Mr Deepak Kanakaraju, his list of courses on digital marketing is almost endless. He experiments, experiences and then reviews every new digital platform to help you understand how it works and how you can benefit from it. His approach touches your heart. Have you ever thought why it happens? Read this entire article to understand him and his approach.

Recently he launched a three-month internship course with unbelievable opportunities for those who want to fulfil their digital marketing dreams. From working on live projects to getting paid for every extra effort and work, his course structure appears very tempting. When the live session of the first class started, he initiated this course with a promise to take you to a ‘gold- mine’.

Let me take you to the journey of the first class. Starting this ambitious journey with ‘finding the gold’ phrase was very inspiring. He was categorical in quashing all myths that portrays the market in poor shape. In the prevailing situation, he looked more optimistic about opportunities as he said that the so-called recession creates more opportunities than it robs off. It creates options for the best to bloom.

With quick polls and quotes from management gurus he kept the session engaging and enlightening. The major takeaway was “Digital Marketing is more about marketing than Digital.” Some other anecdotes like: How can you progress without knowing what to communicate and whom to communicate? How can you dream to make a career in the digital marketing without working on your communication skills? Communication is the key. Why the economy of a country -goes up when the average age of the country goes up? Focus on the standard of communication and not only on the medium of communication.

Stressing upon the need to improve communication, the clear guideline was to read at least half an hour every day. He suggested to watch popular podcasts and sitcoms like Office, Seinfeld and Silicon Valley. The importance of writing at least 500 words daily was given due emphasis. Inspiring participants about the huge potential digital marketing has, he looked promising and confident when he said that this field is going to expand more in future.

After sharing various elements of Integrated Digital Marketing and how they work, the session moved to selecting a niche. To pick a niche, he advised to depend on your talent, passion and available market opportunity. Money, Health and Relationships are major niche he said. “Scratch your own itch” to find the niche was a witty and memorable takeaway from this session. He supported this with some wonderful examples as well.

Keyword research and how to use tools like Adwords Keyword, UberSuggest, Answer the Public, Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, Search Console, were explained through demo sessions. He did this while sharing his screen to help participants understand how these tools work.

Digital Marketing is more about effective communication to your targeted customer

Before concluding, he also discussed about competitor research and Google trends. There was a quick recap of everything which he analysed and highlighted in this almost two-hour session.

Trying to address as many issues and giving more than desired by the participants were the best thing which Deepak did to utilize every second spent on this class. But it’s just a beginning. It creates high hope for the remaining classes. For you there is another lesson to remember: “If you try to be everything to everyone you will be nothing to no one.” So, keep your priorities clear and stick to it.

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