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Rohit, Ria and their nostalgic love story…

Smiling, waving his hand swiftly and throwing flying kisses, Rohit said bye to Ria, his wife and moved towards the cab that was waiting near his society’s gate.

Shyly responding back, Ria flashed her trademark ear-to-ear smile. By the time the Dzire Tour started, Rohit got occupied in checking floods of Whatsapp messages.

The most urgent ones got immediate attention. Setting the agenda of meeting with MD and finalizing some vendors for the upcoming projects were sorted out quickly. He didn’t miss congratulating Ruhi on her first marriage anniversary and Rishabh for buying his dream house.

After running through all the narrow lanes, Dzire was on a four lane smooth road and was running in the fifth gear. It was in a hurry to reach the destination as soon as possible.

Suddenly Rohit shouted, “Oh, No!!” Expressing displeasure, he frowned, “How can this happen? This is not possible.”

Sanju, the cab driver intervened, “Sir, what happened, can I help?” “No, no…nothing happened, everything is fine,” replied Rohit.

Rohit couldn’t believe that while saying hi and bye to Ria he had picked his helmet. Seeing it in the cab had completely annoyed him. Before a sudden agony could ruin his mood completely, he felt like going into flash back.

Touching the helmet’s skull and glass, he recalled the day when he had seen Ria wearing the same helmet and driving her favourite scooty in the local Mumbai market.

Rohit and Ria shifted to Mumbai almost three months after their dream marriage.

Finally they had succeeded in convincing their parents to let them marry. Two childhood friends who had been dating since many years and were hell bent on marrying each other but only after getting permission from their parents.

In a leading Automobile Company, Rohit heads a team of half a dozen young professionals. He requested his seniors to transfer him to Mumbai.

Newly wed Rohit and Ria reached Mumbai from their home town Lucknow harboring a dream of making everyday memorable in this tinsel town. They also wished to make their mark in the city which had fulfilled many dreams in the past.

Sitting in the cab and holding the helmet in his lap, Rohit then recalled the first Mumbai rain when he was sitting behind Ria as a pillion rider. Even that day Ria was wearing the same helmet.

But the most memorable moment associated with the helmet was, when wearing this Ria, in her denim jeans and t-shirt had gone to a local shop, and Rohit was coming with his father who had come to Mumbai to live with them for a few days. Rohit knew it was Ria in the helmet but his father couldn’t recognize her.

Nostalgia gripped Rohit and he suddenly started liking and feeling extra attached to this helmet which few minutes back had been a burden for him.

While Rohit was lost in his thoughts, a heavy and hard brake stopped his train of thoughts. Turning back, Sanju said, “Sir, we have reached your office. We are just in front of the reception area.”

Collecting his belongings, specially the helmet, Rohit paid the bill and came out of the cab, keeping the helmet closer to his heart.

From office guard to his colleagues and seniors, all were surprised and shocked to see Rohit carrying a helmet, as they all knew he had been coming to office in a cab from the last couple of months.

But for Rohit, the helmet was reminding him the presence of Ria. And so nothing matters who says what…

Story continues…

Stay tuned to know more about Rohit and Ria…

Note: Above images are used only for reference. It’s story based on real life incidents.

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